Community Mothers

What is the Programme all about?

The Community Mothers Programme is a Parent Support Programme in which friendly local woman known as Community Mothers carry out monthly visits to first time parents in their own home.

These visits are made by appointment and they focus on health care, nutrition and the baby’s overall development.

The Community Mothers are volunteers and are guided and supported by Family Development Nurses

What is in it for parents?

The Community Mothers Programme recognises parents as being the most important people in their baby’s life.

The Programme sets out:

  • To recognise that parents are the expert with their own baby
  • To help parents enjoy their baby
  • To boost their self-confidence
  • To help them develop a wide range of parenting skills
  • To exchange ideas and information
  • To provide you with on-going support during the first year of your baby’s life

What’s in it for you as a Community Mother?

Joining the Community Mothers Programme is worthwhile.  You can make a real contribution to parent support and the Programme will benefit from the gift of your time and talents.

When you join the Programme you will:

  • Learn new skills
  • Share your experience with new parents
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Have a sense of fulfilment
  • Enjoy the support of a group

The Community Mothers Programme is facilitated by the Health Service Executive

For further information contact:

Triona Morley
Community Mothers Programme
Wellmount Health Centre
Wellmount Park
Dublin 11

Phone: 018567743