Infant Mental Health Learning Network

What is Infant Mental Health?

Infant Mental Health is a multidisciplinary field concerned with promoting optimal social and emotional development in infants, preventing mental health difficulties in later life and providing intervention to challenged parent-infant relationships in the crucial period from pregnancy to age three.

What is the Infant Mental Health Learning Network (IMHLN)?

The Finglas IMHLN was established in June 2017 to help support learning in relation to IMH theory and its practical application. The network comprises of various practitioners who offer direct work to children and families in Finglas. This includes project workers, family support workers, early years practitioners, health and social care professionals, PCT psychologist and perinatal mental health practitioners.

Are there any membership requirements for the IMHLN?

A two day training masterclass delivered in collaboration with Young Ballymun is a requirement for membership in the IMHLN. Participants who complete the training should leave:

  1. Understanding the nature of human attachment and the forces that influence it.
  2. Understanding the importance of relationships in early development for healthy social, emotional and brain development.
  3. With enhanced observation skills of parent/caregiver-child interactions
  4. Able to reflect on how to form effective and engaging relationships with parents and children
  5. Understanding how their own personal feelings, responses and reactions to young children and families can affect the quality of their work.