Teen Triple P

Triple P isn’t just for parents of young children. Teen Triple P is designed specifically for parents of teenagers, helping them to build relationships, communicate well and encourage positive behaviour. Teen Triple P is best suited to parents of children aged 11-15 years.


Courses vary in length from informal once-off Positive Parenting seminars and workshops to in-depth eight week courses and one-to-one home sessions. You can choose what suits you and your child’s needs.


Seminars: Engaging and informal presentations covering 3 topics: Raising Responsible Teenagers, Raising Competent Teenagers, and Getting Teenagers Connected

Workshops: Parenting workshops on common Triple P strategies for coping with teenagers emotions, getting teenagers to cooperate, reducing family conflict and building teenager’s survival skills. Delivered as a single workshop or in a series of four (2 hour) small group discussions.

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Group Teen Triple P: A course delivered over eight weeks involving five (2 hour) group sessions with three follow-up telephone calls to support you with your new strategies. Suitable for parents or caregivers who have concerns about a teenager’s behaviour.

if interested in attending please register here https://forms.office.com/r/qiqYbNPHFr

Standard Teen Triple P: An intensive ten week course of regular one hour sessions delivered on a one-to-one basis in the home setting. Appropriate for parents or caregivers who feel their teenagers have behavioural problems. Assists parents or caregivers to identify causes and set their own goals for change.

Enhanced Teen Triple P: Addresses family factors such as parental mood and partner conflict which complicate parenting. Requires referral by a Triple P practitioner when a parent(s) are already engaged in a Triple P course.