Social, Emotional & Well-Being

The aim of this strand is to develop community-based responses for children aged pre-birth to 8 years and their parents to improve mental health and well-being in a trauma informed manner.  We work in key areas of children’s lives such as home, early years’ services and primary schools to promote a holistic approach to meeting children’s emotional needs, positive mental health and overall wellbeing.  We work closely with these services to become trauma informed.

We continually monitor the needs within the Finglas community and aim at meeting these needs, while advocating for services as required.  We work collaboratively with other partner agencies to pool resources and expertise.  We offer training and learning opportunities to these professionals on topics relating to mental health, wellbeing and trauma informed practices.

We continually raise awareness of trauma in the community; in particular the impact trauma has on the developing brain of the child and its long reaching implications.  We work to inform other professionals and services in the area, to sensitively support parents who are living with the impact of childhood trauma themselves.